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DIY Bathroom Refresh: How to quickly and effectively increase the value of your property

Selling your home is never easy…let alone in a market where real estate prices are dropping, interest rates are up, and competition is high. This is the reality many of us are living in today, especially within GTA and surrounding areas.

How do you protect the value of your home, compete against the other homes on the market, and maximize your sale and profit?

Sometimes a full remodel or renovation is simply not possible, especially on tight budgets and schedules. However, there are many ways we can give our spaces the facelift they need to capture the eye of potential buyers and make the space look 100 times better. The value of your home will be higher as the space looks better and newer, therefore maximizing your profit on your sale.

I recently tried it out myself, and gave my main floor bathroom a quick refresh. The process was smooth, took me about 3 days to complete, and the result was better than I had expected!

The bathroom looks much newer, brighter and spacious, all aspects that any buyer will look for in a home.

The process was easy. Check it out here.

  1. Uninstall cabinet doors and knobs

  2. Sand it all down

  3. Add a smooth layer of Primer

  4. Paint the first coat

  5. Paint the second coat

  6. Re-install the doors and accessories

And there it is, the final result!

If I were selling, and didn’t have the time or budget for a full renovation, this is definitely a great option, and a much quicker and cost effective solution.

What do you think? Cabinet looks...

  • Completely Different

  • Somewhat better

  • No change

  • Looks worse

Need help with a similar project? Contact us!

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