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Home Staging on a Budget

Home staging is a “must have” if you want to make sure you sell your property fast, and for the highest value. The investment on home staging is minimal, since the return on the sale is substantial, comparing to those properties that are not professionally staged. However, the reality is, many of us may not have the time or ability to stage the entire home before listing it. Do you need to stage your whole house, or are there some areas and rooms that you can focus on?

The key to getting the offer lies in the emotional connection that the potential buyer has with the property. There are 3 main rooms of a house that highly influence this connection. Buyers will spend the most time in these 3 areas, creating an emotional connection, where they can envision themselves living in that space. Ultimately, it is here that they will determine whether an offer will be presented. These are the 3 rooms and some things to think about when focusing on staging them.


According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 86% of buyers rate this room as “important/very important” to be staged. Many buyers are looking at this space to see how it would fit into their lifestyle. Many like to entertain, have parties, get-togethers, etc.

The living room needs to be staged to entice any buyer that the space is right for them. Decluttering and depersonalizing is key to make sure the room is clean and spacious. Use neutral colors and add some greenery and nice artwork to decorate. Think about re-arranging the furniture to maximize the space and make a small space look larger.


In the same report, the master bedroom rated as “important/very important” to stage by 84% of buyers. Similar to the Living Room, decluttering and depersonalizing is the first step to staging this room.

Ensure your clothing and personal items are stored away, closets are closed and neatly organized (believe me buyers will open the closet). If you can store your belongings elsewhere, it will help show off the bedroom storage making it appear more spacious. Focus on neutralizing the style of the bedroom by using pastel colors for bedding and linens and soft décor.


This room was rated as the 3rd most "important/very important" room to stage according to 68% of buyers in the same report. The kitchen is really the heart of the entire home, as most people will spend the better part of their days in the kitchen area. Buyers will always be impressed with a clean, spotless kitchen, so decluttering is key.

Remove all small appliances from the counters and replace with minimal greenery and flower décor to add color. Show off the storage in the kitchen cabinets and pantry by removing any extra items that are inside. If you have an eat-in kitchen, prep the area with some place-settings to define the space and help the buyer visualize the area.

Your home is your biggest asset. Staging your home is key to maximizing your profit on the sale. As sellers, we are under a lot of competition and therefore our property needs to stand out from the rest to gain buyer interest. A professional home stager will provide the expertise and tools needed to create that space that buyers are looking for, ensuring a quick sale and higher profit for you!

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